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Pressure Switch – Adjustable Deadband

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- The model PCS is an Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch with independent set and reset points which are adjustable throughout the entire operating range of the switch
- The minimum deadband (minimum span between set and reset points) may be obtained at any point in the operating range of the switch
- A change in pressure greater than the high setting will reposition the switch mechanism to open or close a single snap-action electrical switch
- This control device is designed for use as an operating control in applications sensing air, water, or any fluid not harmful to the pressure connection, diaphragm or nitrile pressure-sealing o-ring.
- Where an operating control would result in personal injury and-or loss of property, it is the responsibility of the installer to add devices (safety, limit controls) that protect against, or systems (alarm, supervisory systems) that warn of control failure
- Not intended for applications in explosive environments or use with hazardous fluids
- Adjustable Pressure Switch
Minimum deadband: 12 PSIG
Proof pressure: 400 PSIG
Factory setting: 90/60 PSIG

404085 PCS-300-1B Single

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