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  • The Dual-Vac is a new way to approach the old problem of removing water left in a piping system after draining repairs and modifications become easier
  • When connected to piping the water distribution system becomes a vacuum system
  • Dual-Vac combines the benefits of wet/dry vacuum and a submersible pump
  • When a wet/dry vacuum fills with liquid, the user must stop and empty, a time wasting effort
  • Submersible pumps will not lift water below the inlet, often much water remains. Combining a wet/dry vacuum with a submersible pump makes a unit with unlimited water clean up capability that will vacuum away water to the last drop
  • The Dual-Vac will suck the water away from the opening you have created, allowing you to work without the normal problems caused by water left in drops or other system piping

99VC Dual-Vac