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Compressor Use – Model H-2 and Model H-3

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  • Automatic, field-adjustable devices that control the on-off cycling of an air compressor
  • Used to control the supervisory air pressure in a dry pipe sprinkler system, preaction system, or dry pilot line system of a dry pilot sprinkler actuated deluge or preaction valve
  • Utilized in applications where it is desirable or necessary to use a small, non-tank mounted compressor that is to be dedicated to the system to be pressurized
  • The H-2 and H-3 monitor system pressure and automatically cycle the air compressor on and off to maintain system pressure within the preset limits
  • The Model H-2 should be specified when the primary air compressor has an unloader as an integral part. After the initial system air pressure has been established, the ½” Globe valve is closed
  • As pressure on the system side of the ¼” check valve drops, the air pressure switch contacts close, causing the compressor to start
  • Globe’s Model H-3 Air Maintenance Device is similar in operation to the Model H-2
  • Choose Model H-3 when the primary air compressor is not equipped with an unloader device (it has an unloader valve)
  • After the compressor has re-established the required air pressure on the system side of the check valve, the air pressure switch contacts open, stopping the compressor and operating a release valve
  • The release valve vents the compressor head to exhaust the air trapped between the compressor head and the bypass check valve

G320595 Model H-2
G320600 Model H-3