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  • cULus & FM approved
  • Used to reduce the time lag normally associated with the opening of a Dry Pipe Valve after one or more system sprinklers have operated
  • Accelerates the opening of the Dry Pipe Valve, resulting in faster water discharge from the opened sprinkler(s)
  • Monitors the air pressure in a Dry Pipe System
  • If a rapid loss of system air pressure occurs, as would with the opening of one or more sprinklers, the accelerator senses this loss and immediately sends pressurized air to the intermediate chamber of the Dry Pipe Valve, upsetting the pressure differential and causing it to operate instantly
  • The Model C Anti-Flooding Devise is included with orders for the Model C Accelerator

G300400 Accelerator with anti-flooding device
G300465-2 Accelerator trim F3, G3 for dry pipe valve
G318526 Accelerator trim model D, for dry pipe intake