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Tape and Packing

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Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Info Nylon Cable Ties can be sued in countless applications, are adaptable to any environment and can be used both inside and outdoors LynCar...
Tape  2 Packing

Tape 2 Packing

Info 48mm x 60mm Clear Used for packing boxes 30 rolls per box PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 6100 48mm x 60mm
Tape  Duct

Tape Duct

Info 48mm x 55mm Roll Silver 24 rolls per case Colour Grey Material PE,CLOTH FIBER Thickness 0.16+-0.01mm Elongation 10.5% Adhesion HOT MELT...
Tape  Electrical

Tape Electrical

Info CSA approved x 60 Roll 10 rolls per sleeve 200 rolls per box PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 8520 x 60 roll
Tape  Filament

Tape Filament

Info Fiberglass reinforced tape for general strapping and bundling applications PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 8510 12mm x 55m 8514 48mm x 55m
Teflon Packing

Teflon Packing

Info A round cord from flexible gasketing material made from pure 100% P.T.F.E. Used for valve stem packing and flange gasketing applications ...
Teflon Tape  White, Pink, Orange & Yellow Gas Line

Teflon Tape White, Pink, Orange & Yellow Gas Line

Info Seals and makes joints leak tight regardless of pipe material or fluid This Pure Teflon Tape resists temperatures from -450 to +500F ...
Twine - Nylon Seine

Twine - Nylon Seine

Info 275 of #18, 170 lb. test for plumb line, seine line, fishing line, chalk line, mason line and lead line To stop fraying when cut, apply...